Our Senior Pastor

Pr. Satish Kumar

Pastor Satish Kumar has been serving Metro Church of God since May of 2007

Pastor Satish was born in India and grew up in Ambala, Haryana in northern parts of India. His parents were devout Christians, converted from Hinduism, so he was raised in a Christian home from age of 12. In 1990 as a young man, Pastor Satish felt God's call upon his life which eventually led him to pursue theological education at several colleges earning two Bachelors and one Masters degree in Theology from Serampore University. After graduating, he worked for several years as Bible school teacher and pastor in North India and several years as Lecturer in Faith Theological Seminary in Kerala, India.

In 2003 he came to the US to further his education at Westminster Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania where he completed another Master in Theology in Systematic Theology and about to finish work in Doctoral program in Pastoral Ministry and Theology from Westminister Seminary. It was during this time that God led him and his family to Metro Church of God.

Since arriving at Metro Church of God, Pastor Satish and his wife, Anitha, have been instrumental in the growth of the church. Their background and unique God-given abilities have given them a special talent for serving the social, physical, and spiritual needs of the communities being served. People are consistently drawn to their warmth and genuine love for all God's people. Many members have been added to the Church, and many have been saved, filled, and healed by the power of God. Pastor Satish is motivated by a desire to implement positive changes in the lives of people through up-reach, out-reach, and in-reach. His encouragement to the Church body that “each one reach one” has inspired many with a zeal for the Gospel. Pastor Satish's abilities transcend generations and effectively serves the needs of different age groups in the Church. Under his leadership, the Church has developed services and ministries that are multi-cultural and multi-lingual. His ability to bridge gaps and mobilize the church is noteworthy. Some have called Pastor Satish a "down-to-earth Pastor in an updated society!"

Pastor Satish is committed to helping others fulfill their calling in the Lord and helping them realize their potential in Kingdom ministry. It is his desire to help others by getting people in, building them up for ministry, training them for effective service, and sending them out to fulfill the Great Commission.

Pastor Satish lives in Carrollton with his wife, Anita, and 2 children, Johan and Janice. Some of his hobbies include badminton, cricket, reading, tennis, and fishing.