Every Christian is gifted to serve in some way. Team ministry is successful when everyone serves God together using these spiritual gifts.  People must discover their unique spiritual gifts and learn how God can minister through them to accomplish His purpose. This may be as administrators, evangelists, exhorters, givers, mercy “show”-ers, servers, shepherds, teachers, prophets, etc., any role in which God’s truth is boldly and fearlessly proclaimed! These resources in the church serve to motivate and inspire others which in turn leads to individual and church growth.  Using God-given spiritual gifts, each person can reach his or her own full potential and also positively impact family members, neighbors, and the community.  Available below is a link to a best-selling spiritual gifts discovery survey.  The results of this survey coupled with other resources can help pastors, church leaders, individuals, groups, adults, teens, and even children activate their spiritual gifts and find meaning and fulfillment in becoming who God created them to be!    DEMO available: CLICK HERE.

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